Diabetes Free Review

 Diabetes Free Review By David Rault

Author: David Pearson
Website: www.diabetesfree.org

Diabetes Free is one of the newest diabetes cure-all solutions manufactured by a completely anonymous company. Go ahead, try and find some information on them. When you know you can’t find information on a company is when you you have to realize that something smells rotten in Denmark. Under the ‘contact page” of their website, they are only listed as the email “support@diabetesfree.org”. No phone number, nothing that might actually get you a response about their program. What a Red Flag. I don’t know what you’ve seen in other Diabetes Free Reviews, but you can sort of see what road this one is heading down. David Pearson has apparently suffered from diabetes for most of his life before he managed to come up with his new miracle cure for diabetes. Seems like I should be able to at least find a wikipedia page on the guy, right?Diabetes Free

Diabetes Free is just another program designed to get you to pay way more than you need to in the first place. It is geared towards getting you pay extra for more addons, which is not necessarily a bad thing as long as the base product itself can stand on its own. I didn’t even realize this was the goal of the website until I bought it and was then barraged by popup after popup of “Additonal features” that I could get once I placed the order…features that would upgrade the most minute features  in order to tack on more cost to the programs. If you’re also trying to buy this ebook for whatever reason, there is a NO THANKS button that appears, although it is noticably smaller than the big red “BUY” button. Once I made it to the NO THANKS button, tired but otherwise unscathed I was able to move on.

Who is David Pearson?

David Pearson Diabetes Free

This barrage of popups is just another redder flag that “David Pearson” -if that IS his real name (it’s probably not) – is just doing his best to make as much mony as he can from this product. One of the extra he offers is a liver detox program, which sounded pretty harsh. Checking the info by a CERTIFIED Doctor, DR. Andrew Weil (MD and Natural, alternative health doctor), indicates that liver detoxes that use Epsom salts are not at all healthy for the boddy. Weil says that such methods could be more damaging to the liver than helpful. Interesting how this quick google search debunked one of Pearson’s products, but other Diabetes Free reviews don’t seem to notice anything negative about the Diabetes Free program. More red flags.

Dr. Weil suggests ways to protect the liver from damage but says that claims that the liver is the “true cause of disease” should be viewed with skepticism. As for the shakes and all of the herbs, Dr. Weil’s site says that food, herbs and drugs can interact sometimes in unexpected ways and so these supplement recommendation should be personalized. That is my concern with this program. However, the program will aid a reader in changing their diet which will result in them feeling better, losing weight possibly, and that will impact the blood sugars.

Diabetes Free Review


  • The main takeaway is that Diabetes Free does indeed have the potential to improve your diet, and therefor alleviate symptoms of Diabetes
  • All Natural Solution to diabates


  • He rambles on in the video for “6 minutes” that turns into an hour if you decide to go to the website
  • No information about what is in his products and methods are really revealed
  • There is no real information on him as an author – therefor, he is probably using an alias. Unless he is David Pearson, the NASCAR driver.
  • There are complaints from people who have not received the full copy of the book even after purchasing it , myself included.

Diabetes Free

Overall Rating: 40/100  F

This ebook will probably help you in improving your diet, and if it doesn’t you can always get a refund. But frankly, there are better trusted Diabetes resources available on the internet, and most of them don’t require you watch a 60 minute long video of crap before you can purchase them. It seems any existing diabetes free reviews are scams. Now that I’ve given you the negative review, it’s time to suggest an alternative product.

We’ve been suggested other Diabetes treatment programs to review, so check back later to see how those go.